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Hardware Conrad!

Conrad Amery was born at Coleco's Perfecta Factory, otherwise known as Factory 'P', in Hong Kong, er... I mean, in a Cabbage Patch... in 1982. He was among the very first batches of Kids to come from BabyLand General, and one of the unfortunate few who didn't get any hair, although he did get blue eyes and freckles (via vinyl head mold #2). Some would say he was a pretty cute Kid.

His earliest memory is of sitting in a box on a shelf, while seeing hoards of big people running around, snapping up all kinds of boxes containing other Kids that looked just like him. Suddenly, someone grabbed him off the shelf and took him home. It was Christmas 1982, and Conrad has been in the family ever since.

All his life, Conrad has known he is different. Yet, he enjoys many of the same things that human kids enjoy - he's just been a Kid longer than most of us. For all the years that have passed since 1982, Conrad hasn't been just sitting around staring out into space, he's developed some interests... and a personality. For example, he has become quite a brilliant web designer. He has also acquired an interest in the sport of curling. Of course, having Coleco blood running through his veins, he loves playing the old ColecoVision games (surprisingly, he is not a big fan of the CPK games... he prefers Jungle Hunt and Zaxxon).

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Conrad using his laptop Conrad watching curling on TV
Conrad using his laptop. Conrad watching curling on TV.
Conrad has recently been spending a lot of his leisure time (in other words, his time) playing with his ColecoVision Flashback with his cousin, Eldon. Even though four fingers on each of Conrad's hands are sewn together, he has become quite adept at using the ColecoVision-style controllers - in fact he almost never complains about them. Perhaps the CV controllers were specifically designed for Conrad!

Conrad likes to play with household objects Eldon & Conrad playing Jungle Hunt on the CV Flashback
Conrad likes to play with household objects. Eldon (left) & Conrad playing Jungle Hunt.
When he isn't playing video games, you can usually find Conrad keeping busy by tossing around objects that he finds lying around the house, reading books about old movies (especially about his favorite movie, Citizen Kane), or simply just goofing around. He usually runs around without any clothes on, but whenever he runs around the house, he almost always surprises us whether he's naked or not. He is quite the fun-loving little Kid!

Conrad likes to peek around corners Conrad enjoying a book about movies from the 1940s's
Conrad likes to peek around corners. Conrad enjoys reading about old movies.
Conrad became very excited when we asked him if he would help us with the ColecoVision North web site, so we went a step further and made him the site Mascot. Expect to see a lot more of Conrad in future - he hopes to someday feature in some ColecoVision North videos, and we won't want to miss that!

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